Wall Ball Core Workout Set


Wall Ball Core Workout Set with Ab Mat, Soft Crossfit Medicine Ball for Muscle Building, Core & Plyometric Training


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  • TOUGH SKIN: Our wall ball construction has a highly elastic PVC surface that absorbs impact. We paired our anti-slip PVC ab mat to increase the intensity of core workout drills. Wide width ab mat surface with a measure of 14″x11″x2.8″. All of our products are made of durable materials, they go through extensive testing to make sure they withstand repeated use.
  • BALANCED FEEL: Our ball is hand stuffed this insures it’s the proper weight so it will keep it’s shape throughout use.
  • AVAILABLE WALL BALL SIZES: Standard size Ball with three weights available in 10lbs, 14lbs and 20lbs
  • INCREASE CALORIE BURN AND ADD RESISTANCE TO ANY WORKOUT: (toss, twist, throw) use of our wall ball will engage fast twitch muscle fibers , which helps you burn more calories. Our wall ball also helps improve balance and coordination.
  • EXERCISE VARIETY: Plyometric exercise can strengthen, improve elasticity, and help muscle innervations get used to jumping higher. So you can throw farther and hit harder. Also perfect for step-ups, box squats, CrossFit work, Strength Training and MMA


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