Korean garden hand tool


Korean garden hand tool/ hoe/ garden plow/ weeding sickle/ weeding farming tool- Youngju Daejanggan Master Homi Hand-made hoe


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  • 100% HAND MADE – All parts of Homi are hand-made by a master who has been making this product for decades in Korea. This guarantees durability and safety of the product
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE – Homi is powerful tool for weeding, edging ,plowing trenches, digging, planting and any other garden-related work
  • STRONG HEAD – Its’ head has sharp blade made with strong hand-forged steel. This will increase your work efficiency in any circumstances
  • STURDY HANDLE – Homi has well polished wooden handle with a strong grip. This will help users to work faster and safer
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN – Homi is designed ergonomically. It will change your garden work a lot easier and more enjoyable


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