What is JumpSwell?!

We are young, inclusive, and fashionable. We are here to help you navigate the waves of shopping tides! Come surf this new world of online retail and don’t get caught in the web of mush.

Now a days in this world of rapidly changing vibes. We invite you to jump into the water with us! If you have ever been in the water, you know that when a wave comes at you, you better be ready to jump ahead of the swell. Keep you head above water and stay ahead of the tide. Jump on the swell with us now!

Our philosophy’s pretty simple: we don’t take life, or shopping, too seriously.

Like the bestie you can always count on, we’ve got all the merch you could ever need. From surfing equipment to a coffee cup when you’ve had a bad sesh, we’ll never let you down.

We’re creating a community of flowers who inspire us every day.

We all know it is better to give than to receive. This is why our charities are so important to us. With remote workers all across the US, we have policies and rewards in place to give our team inspiration and motivation to always be contributing. Volunteering is the cornerstone of our donation strategy. Time and good will make us happy with helping others.

Our program starts with students who want to immerse themselves in a feel good company. Our ambassadors are feel good peeps that love to spread the surf and nautical vibes. We wave to passers-by and help our fellow humans. Our brand ambassadors receive student discounts, free delivery options and invites to exclusive trips and events.

We are the young, inclusive brand. Think of us as your shopping best friend. We started in 2021 and haven’t stopped smashing it since.

Our philosophy’s pretty simple: we don’t take shopping or life too seriously. With tons of fans across social, we’re the dress you need at the weekend and the LOL moments when you’re down.

Want to join in?

If you have a website or blog, you can be part of the club by becoming a boohoo affiliate. You’ll earn some cash too!

Here’s what we do…

Pay 7% on most referred sales

Use third party tracking to pay you your commission within just 8 weeks

Give you access to all the creative you’ll need to add to your website or blog

Offer you loads of exciting opportunities like our blogger shop, VIP scheme and increased commissions for our most engaged affiliates. You could even come visit us at JumpSwell HQ!

So what are you waiting for?

All you need to do is read our terms and conditions then contact us now!

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